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Photographe, réalisatrice

vit et travaille à Pioneertown (Californie)


20.01.22 > 03.03.22




20.01.22 > 03.03.22

Mary Rozzi

Photographer, director

lives in Pioneertown and works everywhere


Born in Los Angeles in 1970 is an Italian-American fashion and celebrity photographer and director based on the West Coast of the United States (Los Angeles).

Very early passionate about photography and after having studied at the Parson School of Design in New York, Mary Rozzi assists photographers she admires such as Michael Lavine, Satoshi Saïkusa, David La Chapelle or Michel Comte before launching in her career as a fashion photographer finding in this way a mode of societal expression and a historical marker in which she wishes to register.

Mary Rozzi's photographic writing expresses her deep nature: intuitive, visual, sensitive, elegant, empathetic, receptive, available, deep, generous, gentle, frank, daring and committed.

These qualities guide his creative approach and imprint his work. Her inclination to enter into symbiosis with the artists and models she photographs strikes us.

Challenging the dualistic notion of form and subject (duality of mind versus body) she seeks to capture the synergy of the two by cultivating her personal aesthetic.

The alchemy operates between his artistic vision and that of his models; his immediate ability, during an encounter, to find common ground with his models and to make physical the field of emotions that run through the moment of the photo shoot, filling his portraits with truth and humanity.

Troubled by the representation of women in the media, which she considers far from reality and the emergence of dialogue on the place, identity and position of women in our society, she decided to create the magazine "The September Issues », a committed biannual publication in which she invites female artists to evoke today's society through social themes. Thus carrying a more feminine than feminist voice and a sensitive look at social issues.

This experience influences his work and his relationship with others. Expressing with even more freedom what her artistic sensibility captures, she creates, over the course of her encounters, a series of portraits which are found in her first personal exhibition presented by Remèdes Galerie in Paris.

Strengthened by her commitment, imbued with her encounters, Mary vividly grasps the paradigm shifts that intrinsically shake up our society and contributes to conversations about identity by questioning not the establishment but the diversity of positive voices/voices that are expressed today. today on the west coast of the United States.

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